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Statistical information on the Avocado Industry in the Mopani District, Limpopo, South Africa, 2018

This is a summarized version of a report which was compiled and submitted to Government during the recent meetings which was held in Tzaneen to discuss the matter on Land Expropriation without Compensation, by the attorney firm, Thomas & Swanepoel Inc. in Tzaneen, on behalf of various commercial farmers and stakeholders in the Mopani District.
The avocado industry in Mopani is a highly complex industry with various businesses whose livelihood depends directly and indirectly there on.

Avozilla- the world’s largest avocado

There’s a sizeable new addition to the avocado industry, and it’s called the Avozilla -  the biggest avocado you can buy.
This exciting cultivar originated in South Africa and has an average weight of 1,2 kg, in comparison with the 200-250gr of a normal avocado!
Despite some confusion on the matter, the Avozilla is NOT a genetically-modified avocado and has not been treated with any growth-enhancing chemicals.

Avo Mania

Winter time in Tzaneen is when we celebrate the wonder fruit of the moment – Avocado’s!
Avocado cultivation was commercialised by the work of pioneers like Dr Wilson Popenoe at the beginning of the 20th century and is now widely used in many areas outside its centre of origin.
In South Africa, Dr Hans Merensky initiated the first avocado orchard plantings at Westfalia Estate in 1933, and currently the avocado is grown in the tropics on both sides of the equator and in subtropical regions up to 43o latitude.

Orchid-Master In Our Midst

On entering their home, one is overwhelmed with a sweet fragrance that no air freshener can imitate: the sweet breath exhaled by different orchid species, expertly grown by our local orchid master, Dr Sarel Spies. Locally (Tzaneen and Duiwelskloof) he is well-known as medical doctor, but here and much wider for his involvement in and passion for, orchids. The love-story's time line goes as follows:

Bird guide supreme on our doorstep

Bobbi Gerber interviews David Letsoaolo in his 'office': the forest at Kurisa Moya, nature lodge, Houtboschdorp
He loved nature from the start, whispers David Letsoalo, as we sit in the bird hide, waiting for our feathered friends to show up for dinner strewn out on a damp, leafy forest floor. He tells me more about his beginnings as we watch the chorister robin chat, the forest canary, three lemon doves and the forest fire finch descend on the feeding ground.

Extreme Sports - Tzaneen Area

As with inhabitants of most other towns, Tzaneen's have the opportunity and privilege to participate in a personally preferred sport. Among such are tennis, squash, bowling, rugby, cycling, mountain biking, running clubs – to name a few.
However, not all towns have the surroundings Tzaneen has, lending themselves ideally to the practising – and enjoyment – of extreme sports. If the humdrum 'normal' sports start boring you, here are a few more options for the brave-hearts.
Georges Valley Gorge Kloofing

Iinfo – the place to be in 2019!

Dear Associates

So here we are – almost at the end of the first quarter of 2019!

It is always shocking to experience how time flies – which inspires one to make the most of the moment, everything you have to work with, empower yourself, educate yourself, be an asset to whatever group or community you are involved in.

No business or establishment can exist without the ability to access valuable information or to have an effective tool to use to promote their product and that is why iinfo is the best choice to use for all your marketing needs!

A Hearty Hoedspruit Welcome!

Hoedspruit is a town situated at the foot of the Klein Drakensberg mountain range, in the centre of the Lowveld, in the Limpopo province of South Africa. The town borders on the Kruger National park and is located in an area known as the 'Valley of the Olifants'. Hoedspruit, still a small and comparatively unspoilt tourism and agriculturally orientated town, has grown to be a significant tourism centre.
A great tourism destination

Bountiful birdlife here!

Bird-lovers are bonkers about Tzaneen area!
Swartbos Forest
Park in the grounds of Sandford Heights Nursery. Ask the owners for directions to the trail, which offers access to the forest, with its favoured inhabitants.
Woodbush Forest and Drive
This 14km dirt road is the best forest birding area in the Limpopo Province, if not the country. A high-clearance vehicle recommended and 4-wheel drive needed in wet weather.
More exciting sightings

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