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It was a misty morning in the mountains of Magoebaskloof, I needed to de-stress and unwind so I decided to pack my backpack and take a hike on the Magoebaskloof Hotel Waterfall Trail. 
I didn't do any research before hand because I had seen the sign where the trail starts on a previous occasion when I visited the Magoebaskloof Hotel for their annual Spring Festival in September 2015. The sign stuck in the back of my head like a little door that wanted to be opened.
So on the 27th of February 2016 I decided to go and open that door. I passed the sign and I was set on my journey where I found an abundance of unique animals. Firstly I saw a pair of Samango monkeys who chattered about some monkey business, I also saw and distinctively heard a Purple Crested Turaco with it's peculiar colours and callings.Two Brown-headed parrots not very high above me in the canopy of the natural forest, cuddling and grooming in the wet weather.
The effort level of the trail was a bit challenging at times because of the weather conditions, but not too much to take the fun out of it. The waterfall is quite small but worth the walk and the calming sounds of the water definitely have it takes to unwind those nerves that build-up in 8-5 conditions.
I would without a doubt recomend this trial to any families or persons seeking an easy adventure or a relaxing stroll that quickly unwinds you without the stress to be fit or experienced to enjoy this activity.

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