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Polokwane is the capitol of the Limpopo Province and the largest urban centre north of Gauteng. In the 1840’s Voortrekkers under the leadership of Andries Potgieter established Zoutpansbergdorp.
A town 100km to the North West. This settlement was abandoned because of clashes with the local tribes. They then founded a new town in 1886 and it Pietersburg, in honour of Petrus Jacobus Joubert, a Voortrekker leader. The British also built a concentration camp at Pietersburg during the Boer War that housed almost 4000 Boer women and children.
The town officially became a city on 23 April 1992 and on 25 February 2005 the government declared the official name Polokwane.
This means Place of Safety in Northern Sotho, it was a name already generally used by the Northern Sotho speaking population. The area in and around Polokwane is rich with cultural venues and sites. A certain place to visit and enjoy.

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