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Fly? I don’t even drive, some might say. Yet, there are some who have always dreamt of flying – and just decided that it was an out-of-reach goal. Maybe not.
Stellenbosch has a Flying Club amongst the mountains and vineyards of the Cape Winelands. This traditional flying club was established in 1973 with the core focus of providing a home for the recreational and aspirant aviator, and in general promote aviation.
The Stellenbosch Airfield is also home to the Stellenbosch Flight Training Centre - a well-established facility that offers extensive training. The mission of the Stellenbosch Flying Club is to:
*  Promote aviation in the interest of the members in a safe and organised manner.
*  Make flying as affordable as possible for its members.
*  Provide an infrastructure and facilities for its members.
*  Create an environment where the whole family can enjoy flying.
*  Foster meaningful co-existence within communities and be responsible stakeholders.
Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL)
A PPL allows you to do private flights, and to train further for a Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) in order to work commercially as a pilot. Training can be done on a full-time or part-time basis.
Minimum requirements are fluency in English, at least 15 years of age to fly solo, at least 17 to obtain a PPL and a minimum of 45 hours of total flying time: 15 hours solo and 5 hours solo country flying. A Class II Medical Certificate must be obtained and the following theoretical subjects with at least 75% pass mark: Aircraft technical and general, human performance, principles of flight, meteorology, air law, flight planning and performance, navigation, radio telephony (which is a restricted radio licence.)
After this follows the flight test with Grade I or Grade II instructor. Mandatory lectures are provided for all students of the Stellenbosch Flying Club.
Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL)
A Commercial Pilot’s Licence (CPL) is the qualification you will require in order to take up flying as a career. Should you wish to fly for an airline in the future, a CPL is required in order to obtain your ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence).
For this you need a valid PPL, flight medical certificate, be at least 18, have a general radio licence, night rating, 200 hours total flying time and passed theoretical exams in aircraft technical and general, principles of flight, air law and operations, flight planning and performance, human performance, instruments, navigation, meteorology, radio aids, general radio licence and airline transport pilot’s licence.
At this point, you might want to spread your wings even higher! To become a Captain on an aircraft weighing more than 5700kg, you will need to complete your ATPL. You must be 21, and have passed a further extension of subjects in previous qualifications. After passing the last ATPL subject satisfactorily, there is a 5-year-period in which to complete a minimum of 1500 flying hours, of which the details can be obtained from further enquiry. Up to 50 percent of the 1 500 hours may be completed in helicopters. A maximum of 30 hours flight time in touring motor gliders, gliders, micro light aircraft may count towards the 1 500 hours.
Ground School PPL
Students of the Stellenbosch Flying Club are required to attend PPL Ground school lectures presented by the Instructors of the Stellenbosch Flying Club. The length of the lectures vary - depending on the subject. They are normally held in the evenings during the week so that scholars/students at university and those that work during the day are able to attend. However, you have to be a student of the Stellenbosch Flying Club to attend these lectures.
Is it still an unreachable star, or does your dream seem more attainable? For further information, call 021 880 0294. The email address is school@stelfly.co.za.  
Hand-in-hand with flying, is parachuting/skydiving. Prepare yourself for a daring and exhilarating adventure experience. Whether you are a first-time jumper or an experienced campaigner, you can participate in this breath-taking – literally – adventure!
Some other activities in and around the Boland and Cape Peninsula are Surf Lessons, Whale Watching, Horse Riding, Abseiling Table Mountain, Cape Town City Cycle, Canopy Tour – Grabouw, Paragliding, Hot Air Ballooning, Helicopter Flights and River Rafting (of which the closest is on the Breede River near Worcester, a scenic drive from Stellenbosch - roughly 80km). For all the above, contact the Adventure Shop in Stellenbosch in the Blackhorse Centre, on the corner of Mark and Dorp Streets. The number to call is 021-882 8112 and email to info@adventureshop.co.za

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