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Statistical information on the Avocado Industry in the Mopani District, Limpopo, South Africa, 2018

This is a summarized version of a report which was compiled and submitted to Government during the recent meetings which was held in Tzaneen to discuss the matter on Land Expropriation without Compensation, by the attorney firm, Thomas & Swanepoel Inc. in Tzaneen, on behalf of various commercial farmers and stakeholders in the Mopani District.
The avocado industry in Mopani is a highly complex industry with various businesses whose livelihood depends directly and indirectly there on.

The Ostrich Boom - by Adri Odendaal

The main reason for Oudtshoorn’s quick fortune can be summed up in the unlikely form of the ostrich.
The huge flightless bird, indigenous to Africa, and ideally suited to the Karoo’s dry environment, produced magnificent feathers that had become extremely popular as high fashion accessories in Britian and Europe, especially when feather trimming for hats and boas. 

Stay in Phalaborwa

Need to be in Phalaborwa for business? Want to visit Phalaborwa during your next holiday? You are in luck as you have a lovely variety of accommodation establishments to choose from!

In Phalaborwa town you will find accommodation in the quiet residential areas or on the edge of town in a more bush-like setting. Wherever you stay in town you are never more than 10 minutes away from the Kruger National Park! The town is safe and clean and the accommodations match that feeling.

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