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ZZ2, embracing sustainable, nature conscious farming
ZZ2 is a farming conglomerate operating in Mooketsi, Politsi, Polokwane and Musina in the Limpopo Province; Ceres and Riebeek-Wes in the Western Cape and Langkloof in the Eastern Cape. It supplies more than 40% of commercially traded tomatoes in South Africa and is a fast-growing role player in the production, packaging and marketing of avocados. Onions and deciduous fruit are also gaining importance in the fruit and vegetable basket offered to customers. Livestock has always been part of the ZZ2 value proposition and includes a Pinzgauer cattle herd from the Austrian Alps and the indigenous Nguni cattle. From these two breeds, a new breed has been developed at ZZ2, the PinZ²yl.
ZZ2 embraces Natuurboerdery® (Nature Farming), an approach to commercial farming that aims to harness the laws and energies of natural ecosystems for healthy and sustainable crop production - without sacrificing the benefits of technology and science. Natuurboerdery® breaks with the deleterious effects of industrial farming and includes some of the more sane concepts of organic farming.
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