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DBGIM Background and Foundation
The Ministry was founded in 1987 by Bishop Mlungisi Erasmus Malungani. God commanded Bishop M.E. Malungani to leave his home at Nkomo Village and go to N’wamitwa Village (Mbkekwana) to start a Healing Ministry that is going to be a School of Ministries and a Haven for the destitute…
After many years (1967 – 1977) of being epileptic, tormented by demonic forces and witchcraft that almost took his conscious, Bishop Malungani was delivered from all these adversities and God set him on course for His vocation to tell the people “NOT TO BLAME GOD BECAUSE GOD NEVER FAILS”.
Driven by the desire to be filled by the Holy Spirit, Bishop Malungani went to the nearby bushes next to his village to pray and listened to a message about the Holy Spirit by Reinhard Bonnke and he was filled with the Holy Spirit and began speaking in tongues and preaching to the shrubs around him.
His calling was preceded by a score of visions that served as a confirmation of God’s calling in His Life. He saw a vision of people who were tied with chains being led into a dark pit, some were deserted behind toilets (backyards) by their loved ones, some were drinking dirty sewerage water and there was no one to care for them.
As he was wondering at what he saw on the vision, he heard the voice that commanded him to “rescue them”.
He also had another vision to preach the Gospel all over the world while he was out praying at Xikungulubye Hill near Nkomo Village. While still praying on the hill, he was taken in the spirit where he found himself in the wilderness, he heard a voice saying; “Listen, the songs of David”, and different music sounds with beautiful harmonies were heard at his ears. While listening to the music and harmonies he saw a soiled Bible that was partially tarnish by termites and after picking the Bible he had a Voice that instructed Him to “Read the Bible” and as he was reading there was a sound of a very sweet music that was playing on the background and he was given a guitar and was told to continue playing the Psalms of David. When he woke-up from the vision the music and the beautiful harmonies were still heard in his mind.
Bishop Malungani’s quest for Ministry was later conserved by an unknown donor who paid for him to enter the Bible College at ABC (Africa Bible College) through Emmanuel Assembly where he began his ministry
Don’t Blame God International Ministries (DBGIM) is a Faith Based Organization (FBO), a Non- profit settlement aimed at Holistic Human Empowerment based on Spiritual Emancipation
The Ministry provides a variety of services and opportunities that are aimed at empowering and supporting civilians to discover their potential and utilise them for meaningful participation in the society and economical emancipation.
Our ministry mostly work in the rural and farm areas characterised by backwardness where young people have less technological exposures and the value of education is not widely venerated.
Most young people thus drop out from schools to work as labourers in the surrounding farms and subsequently give-in to alcohol and substance abuse. This lack of self-worth degenerate into a variety of social scourges that entrap young people in the vicious cycle of poverty Through the Community Radio Station our aim is to preach the word of God and entrench Christian values through motivational talk, counselling and music. We aim to make a difference in the lives of our listeners by providing a media alternative which is based on ethics, professionalism and Christian values. The station covers news, entertainment, infomercials and education
To project the Almighty God to all people as their Creator and Source of life, therefore strength, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, truth, love, joy, peace and healing is in fellowship with Him
“Vision is Power!”
DBGFM seeks to advance all people within our area of coverage through teaching the Gospel, sharing of knowledge, addressing social matters, providing educational programmes, entertainment and youth empowerment initiatives
* Broadcasting developmental information and programmes within the Greater Tzaneen Municipality
* Discovering talents and untapped potential of the youth in the local communities
* Growing community interest on radio broadcasting and share educational information
* Increasing community participation and offer a platform for communication and dialogue on social issues within the community
* To enlighten our people as valuable and important creatures of God.(Psalm 8: 4 – 5)
* To teach God’s people to discover their potential, unexposed ability, reserved power, untapped strength (Romans 12: 5 – 8)
* To teach the world to understand how each and every person was designed by God to function in fulfilling His purpose (Phil 2:10, Matt 25:34)
* To prepare, train and equip people for Service in the body of Christ (Eph.4: 11 – 12)
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