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Welcome to Agatha Crocodile Ranch. We are situated on a picturesque avocado farm in the Limpopo Province, and we offer family entertainment at affordable rates!
We offer adventurous daily tours through the ranch, an opportunity to touch a baby crocodile and also to feed the bigger crocodiles, a curio shop and a local art gallery.
Agatha Crocodile Ranch was set off by Milan and Blanka Darazs in 1978. It all happened when Blanka gave her husband two baby crocodiles as a present. Today, Agatha Crocodile Ranch is a complete crocodile farm that offers tours to visitors all over the world.
Milan and Blanka are originally from Bratislava and immigrated to South Africa in 1969. They slowly turned Agatha Crocodile Ranch into a popular tourist attraction in the Limpopo Province.
Agatha Crocodile Ranch is a MUST see! It would greatly enhance any tourist experience of South Africa to visit the ranch and encounter one of Africa's greatest predators.

072 114 0132
072 114 0132
Agatha Crocodile Farm, Agatha, Tzaneen, 0850
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