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Tzaneen is a drive-through for many tourists and visitors en route to the Kruger Park and other holiday places (private game farms, Die Eiland etc), but they lose the excellent opportunity of making it a destination worthy to explore a bit. One of the best ways is by bike. It allows you to truly drink in the forest fragrances, the beautiful views, the needed exercise and the breath-taking views – all sitting down, while your legs take you places!
Magoebaskloof - with its meandering descent through natural forest, to the warmer valley of the Fruit Basket, offers five fabulous Mountain Biking trails. Permits required to use these trails and are available at Cheerio Gardens, Cheerio Trout Lodge, Sequoia, Bramasole and the Magoebaskloof Hotel. The cost is R20 per day and kids under 12 are free. No bike? No problem! They can be rented. The trails vary in length and degrees of difficulty.
Starting points are from the abovementioned properties and clear maps are available at the establishments. Maps also provided at each trail described below. The increasingly popular trails are well marked and maintained. Take your pick:
Stanford Lake/ Ebenezer Dam (Blue) – 5.3km
Suitable for families with young children. Fairly flat and follows the edge of Stanford Lake and Ebenezer Dam. It can be extended by 3km by following the road along Ebenezer dam further and returning the same way. Access: Stanford Lake Lodge.
Cheerio/Sequoia (Orange) – 5km
Suitable for families with a lovely single track to test technical skills. Experienced riders can do several laps for training purposes. It passes through the pine plantations, avo orchards and the beautiful gardens of Cheerio and Sequoia along grass paths and roads. The climb to the top of the hill is made worth the effort by the spectacular views of the Wolkberg and Cheerio Valley. Access: from Cheerio Trout Fishing & Holiday Resort, Sequoia and Cheerio Gardens.
Magoebaskloof Adventures (Black) – 10km
Very experienced mountain bikers. 5km of technical single-track hug the contours of the Letaba Gorge through riverine forest. A steep climb gives spectacular views of Georges Valley before a steep descent back to the start. Access: from Magoebaskloof Adventures,
Cheerio/ Sequoia/Bramasole/ Stanford Lake College (Green) – 20km
Suitable for experienced riders and weekend warriors who want to test their strength and stamina. It follows roads through plantations, gardens and natural forest, passed secluded dams and babbling streams. Access: from Stanford Lake College, Cheerio Gardens, Cheerio Trout Fishing & Holiday Resort, Sequoia, Bramasole and Zwakala.
Ebenezer/ Broederstroom (Yellow) – 30km
Suitable for most riders. Along the edge of Stanford Lake and Ebenezer Dam, branching off up a long climb to cross the R71. Then the Broederstroom on flat but sometimes grassy roads towards Cheerio. The valley has abundant bird life. A loop through Sequoia, Cheerio Trout Fishing & Holiday Resort and Cheerio Gardens follows the green route to the L Road/ R71 intersection and through pine plantations, diverts to pass Stanford Lake College and crosses the R71 again. Access: from Stanford Lake Lodge, Stanford Lake College, Sequoia, Cheerio Trout Lode and Cheerio Gardens.
Yellow + Green (50km)
Start from Stanford Lake Lodge and follow the yellow route. At Cheerio the yellow and green routes link. Follow the Green route. Once you return to the link, follow the yellow route back to the start.
More Information:
Jane Allison 083 442 7429
Rules for the mountain biking trail routes:
Use of a trail is at your own risk. Property owners/managers will not be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage sustained on this trail.
    To use the trail, you require a permit and must understand, accept and sign the indemnity form.
    In using these trails, you agree to:
·         No smoke/smoking on the trail
·         No alcohol consumption
·         Strictly no fires
·         Do not picnic
·         No littering - kindly take your rubbish with you
·         No damage to or removal of fauna and/or flora
·         Stay on the designated trail
·         Have the contact number for the establishment you departed from in case of emergency
·         Water along the route is safe to drink but take additional water for your needs
·         Forestry operations possibly in progress on these trails and care should be taken
·         Sections of the trails are shared with walkers and vehicles – care and consideration needed
·         Gates passed through must be closed if opened
Make sure to:
·         Stop to breathe in fresh air while admiring the view!
·         Stay in close proximity of others of the group.
·         Enjoy!

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