This tropical paradise is home to one of the most iconic fruits!  Citrus abound here in all imaginable varieties.  There is certainly no shortage of vitamin C during winter months!  Delightful as fresh fruit, as juice, as preserves and subtle addition to certain cuisine! 
In addition, add freshly sliced peel or dessicated peel to your bathwater and recline in the organic essence that leaves your skin perfumed with the subtle unique fragrance!  Place dessicated finely sliced peel in your drawers for a permeation treatment which will scent your domicile right through all year round, 
Add freshly squeezed juice to your rinsing water for shining hair and the cultivation of natural highlights!  Dab freshly squeezed juice onto problematic skin, leave to dry, then rinse with tepid water for a refreshing facial experience.  Lemon juice can also be used to whiten your fingernails and toe nails!
As cleaning agent, use freshly squeezed lemon juice to remove stains from your bath tub, basin and toilet!

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