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Meet the lovely Colleen Pirie, head chef and owner of The Red Plate Restaurant in Haenertsburg.

Falling in love with her grandmother’s Italian cooking and the robust aroma floating around, Colleen found her passion for food and it became her life.

Starting off baking bread and cupcakes in a silly little gas oven with her trusty helper Flora, they made local deliveries and orders in the Shackwasi area. From the beginning Colleen had her mind set on making it on her own, building a strong client base over the years and now has a very successful catering business on top of owning her own restaurant— “It’s been a long hard jol”!

Rustic home cooking is what you will get at the red plate. Hearty, close to home kind of cooking is Colleen’s speciality— using mostly home grown ingredients, a variety of freshness and nothing less. You will most definitely get your fill of fresh, wholesome homemade food where seasoning is key. Do try her famous creamy, cheesy chicken schnitzel or the oven baked trout and don’t forget about a good bowl of Italian pasta, you won’t be disappointed!

For those wanting to stay on the healthy side, there are quite a few banting diet dishes (high fats and low carbs) that won’t leave you feeling guilty or stuffed afterwards.

With any dish that Colleen cooks up, it is a part of her mind, body and soul and you will most definitely be deliciously satisfied.


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