How to drive safely when the roads are wet, wet, wet! | iinfo TZANEEN

Spring is upon us and summer is approaching. With summer, in the sub-tropical and tropical Lowveld and bushveld, come the rains (said in faith!)
Even a little bit of rain, can make a slippery surface of the combination of dust and water. These conditions are probably more dangerous than a heavy downpour. Here are a few valuable tips on driving in wet conditions.
People who drive the same, whether conditions are dry or wet, are responsible for many accidents in which they are not necessarily the victims. Furthermore, drivers who don't have what is required to drive safely in wet conditions, such as tyres that aren't worn, brake, flicker and fog lights (in working condition), etc. are a menace on public roads.
Acquaint yourself with the following and tick off what you do right. Hope you get full marks!
Safety Tips For Driving On Wet Road

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