The Magical Rain Queen of Modjadji | iinfo TZANEEN

Many legends are told about the origins of Queen Modjadji.
According to one of the most acceptable versions, an old Karanga chief from Monomotapa named Mugodo was warned by his ancestral spirits of a plot by his sons to overthrow him. He had them killed and told his daughter Dzugundini that, according to the wishes of the spirits, he must marry her and father a girl child.  
By doing this, he ensured that the new heir to his throne would be a queen and thus a new dynasty of women founded. This would bestow on the princess rainmaking powers, which would expand the wealth of his kingdom.
This princess was called Modjadji or ‘ruler of the day’.  Modjadji is the only traditional ruling queen in southern Africa. Historically, she was known as an extremely powerful magician, able to bring rain to her friends and drought to enemies. Modjadji has been feared and respected for centuries. Not a single African king would seek her wrath, fearing punishment that meant drought. Even Shaka sent top emissaries to request her blessings.
The magical powers attributed to the Rain Queen of the Lovedu/Balobedu have passed from mother to daughter for centuries. These powers not only include intervention by means of incantations and dances (such as the legobathele) during times of great drought, but also the upkeep of daily rituals.

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