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It is not an easy task – often gruesome, ungrateful and heart-rending. Ellie Potgieter and Denise Botes from the Letaba SPCA in Tzaneen serve the animals in an area much larger than two ladies can actually handle, covering Tzaneen, Modjadjiskloof, Soekmekaar, Haenertsburg, Letsitele, Mooketsi, Kgapane, Lenyenye, Nkowankowa, Harmonie (up to the border of Gravelotte) and Bolobedu (up to the border of Giyani).
Although Giyani is far and out of their range of service, they will not refuse call-outs there, which are – unfortunately – often.
Ms Potgieter has been with the SPCA for 12 years, Ms Botes for two. They oversee the care of approximately 60 dogs and 80 cats. These animals get fed daily, their kennels cleaned, the 'friendly' dogs walked, the cats cuddled. The SPCA relies on the hands and hearts of regular volunteers to fulfil these extra tasks. They also have a donkey, two sheep and three goats.
Among these volunteers are scholars and their families, scholars working for a high school President's award speciality and volunteers from the Warriors Bush Camp – who can often be seen shaking the tins during the year.
Not only does the SPCA care for stray, unwanted, left-behind or abused animals. They also open their kennels and hearts to pets of people going away on holiday. This is probably the most humane way, and pet-owners can rest assured, that their beloved pet-children will be fed and attended to.
As many as 52 dogs and more than 20 cats are taken in at different times during this holiday season. Boarding costs R50 per dog or cat per day (for bigger dogs, R10 is added, considering their intake of food.) The ladies relate with amusement what specific instructions they sometimes need to follow: half a Vienna a day with medication, once a day soft food, later milk and meds. A certain dachshund has to have a slice of bread a day. A certain regular holiday-time feline visitor has her human calling to 'book her time-share'!
The SPCA has a web and facebook page where latest news, year programme, forms for adoption and notices of animals under threat can be found. Throughout the year the SPCA is open to receiving school groups, which usually bring a donation from the school.
Apart from donations of either money or food, this SPCA desperately needs skills volunteered for restoration and maintenance of the 37-year-old premises. Although they receive the necessary hardware, they don't have the skills or know-how to apply these donations. The community is requested to look out for, and take note of, a Saturday in the new year where handy individuals and families can go there to help.
The SPCA contact numbers are 015 307 2611 or 083 628 9257 (emergencies). The email address is Ms Tracy Leppan, their right hand responsible for marketing, can be contacted on 083 968 0902 regarding volunteering and donations.
If you have a heart for animals – especially neglected, traumatized or abused ones – what YOU can do is: report animal abuse, adopt a pet, donate money or food, offer your hands, skills and/or love for volunteer work.
What YOU can do: report animal abuse, adopt a pet, donate money or food, offer your hands, skills and/or love for volunteer work.

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