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Strawberry Season in Stellenbosch
There is something so delicious, beautiful and romantic about the strawberry. Could it be that it is associated with Wimbledon and the strawberries-and-cream tradition? Maybe the shape of it - like a red heart? Perhaps even the strawberry scene with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in "Pretty Woman". Or how well it goes with chocolate or champagne!
December is holiday season in South Africa and thousands of visitors flood the Cape flats, wine valleys and sunny, pristine beaches of the Cape Province. On a cloudy day, or taking a break from the scorching African sun, an outing to pick strawberries a little inland is a delightful option.
Stellenbosch has taken a really fun approach to picking strawberries with amusing scarecrows, giant strawberries and antique tractors decorating its picking fields. There is nothing better than a freshly picked, luscious, ripe, sun warmed strawberry. The only thing that beats this, is watching the little folk feasting on them with juicy smiles!
This December, consider an outing to the Mooiberg and Polkadraai Farm Stalls.
Mooiberg Farm Stall is in Strand Road on the R44, just outside Stellenbosch. Prices are based per kilogram. The farm is open for strawberry piking on Saturday afternoons and Sundays, all day. The number to call is 021 881 3222 and the hours are 08:00 – 18:00.
Polkadraai Farm Stall is situated on the M12 Highway, Polkadraai. This farm stall is open every day of the week from 9:30 to 16:30. The contact number is 021 881 3303. The strawberry picking season starts in October and lasts to the end of December.
Strawberries have many health benefits, of which one is that they are filled with antioxidants. Based on serving size, only blackberries and walnuts score higher in total antioxidant capacity and polyphenols in strawberries help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
Here is a borrowed strawberry salad recipe for your benefit and enjoyment!
Summertime Strawberry Salad
1 Punnet Strawberries
200gr Wild Rocket
1 packet Chevin Goat's Cheese
50gr Chopped Walnuts
1/2 Cucumber (sliced & halved)
15ml Balsamic Vinegar
45ml Olive oil
10ml Brown sugar
5ml Wholegrain Mustard
Blend all dressing ingredients together (NB add olive oil slowly)
In a salad bowl, layer the salad ingredients, finishing with the Chevin Goat's Cheese on top. Pour Dressing over.
Refreshing and healthy – sweet like a strawberry!

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