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b8ked is a baking business that specialises in home-made rusks. This home based operation, has grown in strength since 2006 and now has a steady, and very happy client base.

b8ked rusks are made with the freshest local ingredients, and each order is prepared and baked with care and skill. The rusks are all made on order and supplied directly to the client. Our rusks are delivered within 24 hours of leaving the oven, so you will always be sure of the freshest product and greatest taste. All b8ked rusks are egg free.

The recipes of b8ked rusks have been passed down from the previous generation, and have remained a family favourite for years. Once you have had a b8ked rusk, you wont want any other ever again. With a supply of b8ked rusk in your home, you will always be sure that you and your family can have a tasty light breakfast, a midday snack or a delicious treat to give to guests with tea or coffee.

The b8ked range of rusks include:

1 | Original Health Rusk This delicious rusk, remains a favourite. The wholesome taste and delicious crunch makes it the perfect quick breakfast, and ideal in between snack. Sweet enough to feel like a treat, and wholesome enough to be healthy and guilt-free alternative to cereal breakfast.

2 | Sunflower & Raisin Health Rusk This variation on the Original Rusk, has fast become a hit. With the added ingredients of sunflower seeds and juicy raisins, but with reduced sugar, this is great for the not-so-sweet tooth. The raisins give a delicious natural sweetness, making it an ideal Low GI treat.

3 | Buttermilk Rusk Definitely the more decadent rusk. The Buttermilk Rusk is the preferred rusk for those who like it plain and delicious. With a perfect balance in sweetness, this rusk has all the flavour without the sugar-rush.

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