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We are a dynamic fast paced company established in 2012, which deals with the changing industry of communications and events management. We possess an uncommon blend of marketing, savvy, analytical and creatives and we are all about bringing results for our clients.
OUR Services
- Party Planing
- Weddings and Conference
- Meetings
- Musical Events
- Catering
Molpat Events Management (Pty) Ltd is 100% owned by HDI’s. All the Directors are seasoned entrepreneurs involved in different ventures and businesses.
The breakdown of the shareholding is as follows
Managing Director (Patrick Moloto)   100%
we work hard to bring you thw went that you wanted close to you, as a service provider we have a saying that goes like " Our Clients should be given the kingly treatment "
We are committed to being a prestigious service company of choice and the important role player in the local economy.
Our vision is to be a sough-after provider of quality communications and events management services to our valued clients. We seek to help our clients meet the complex events management and communication challenges of our times through the provision of strategic communications and event management services.