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The SPCA operates according to a set of standard regulations against which their performances and your expectations can be measured.
What is the SPCA’S mission?
It is exactly as our name indicates. Our mission is to PREVENT OF CREULTY TO ANIMALS, by way of education, law enforcement, and pro-active and reactive activities.
This means that we are concerned with the welfare of all animals, from the tiniest mouse right up to the largest blue whale.
In other words, we freely stick our noses in where there are domestic animals, farm animals, working animals, traction animals, animals reared for food, wild animals, animals used for entertainment and exhibition, animals used in sport, hunted animals, animals placed in danger, animals used for research and so on.
The SPCA is responsible for supporting the SA police services in enforcing legislation including but not limited to the Animals Protection act and the performing animals protection act.
How does an SPCA work?
Although your SPCA is a NON-PROFIT organization (charity) it is run on business principles.
SPCA comprises a Management Committee which oversees the SPCA. The Management Committee issues instructions to its Manager/Chief executive officer who in turn is responsible for ensuring that the SPCA under his/her commands runs properly.
He/She does this by working in conjunction with the different units such as Inspectorate, kennels, equine, education, public relations, fund raising, administration & maintenance.