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About Us
Makasela Consulting and Projects is a full service consulting Engineers and project management practice with shares held by a professional disadvantaged South African black women.
The founders of Makasela Consulting and Projects believe in a future  where poverty is eradicated and see the success of woman, small and medium enterprises (SMME’s) as critical. The sustainability of these small businesses can be enhanced through the collaboration of SMME’s with Local Government and Private companies. In this regard, Makasela Consulting and Projects seeks to support women and youth in professional engineering and construction services through partnership, internship and training within our business.
The company’s philosophy is to mobilize women and young professionals to provide the highest level of professionalism. MAKASELA will play the role of Project Management, Project Monitoring and Supervision by utilizing the services of professional engineers. This methodology provides a one stop shop facility to our clients.
The key focus areas of the company are:

  • Consulting Civil Engineering Services
  • Project Management, projects co-ordination, Civil and Structural Designs, EIA, Geo Technical investigations
  • Monitoring and Supervision of the Construction Projects
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Monitoring of the Construction sites including management of Turnkey Projects.
  • Township development projects and Municipal services i.e. water, sewerage and roads.
  • Institutional capacity building projects.

Government department, National Projects, Municipalities and Private projects. The company also give support to the emerging contractors who are appointed by the government’s institutions to become contractors like Murry & Roberts, Concords, and Group Five etc. to excel in managing their construction sites. Our main objective is to provide sustainable project management and successful and on-time delivery on projects.
Our key principles are:

  • Create better contractors and young professionals.
  • Create quality and sustainable projects.
  • To create sustainable jobs, women in priority.
  • Create a positive work environment.
  • Create economic growth in our country.
  • Involve stakeholders in project implementation.
  • Partnerships with municipalities and Government Departments.
  • Avail all types of material as and when required by our clients.