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Welcome to Cashumi Group
The present day Cashumi Group of companies owes its existence to the foresight of Mr. Cornelis Kapp, father-in-law of the present owner, Mr Pieter Henning. When Mr Kapp started farming on the farm Stylkop in the Tzaneen district, it used to be an area where they farmed with flowers. However, he started planting eucalyptus trees and established the first plantation on the farm. Back then it was customary for the women folk to take lunch to their men working in the fields. They greeted them with the words : "Bana ba shuma" which means "we greet the working men". Mr Kapp liked the sound of it and with a slight adjustment to the existing phrase came up with the word Cashumi. This is what the farm was called from then on. The group of companies which has grown out of the original farm also bears this name.
Wood Production
We own our own Eucalyptus plantations where trees are grown to provide raw material for use in our processes. To ensure optimum growth throughout the growing cycle, a thinning has to be done to remove some trees and thereby create more space for the remaining trees. The wood produces by the Thinnings is used in our treating plant to produce CCA treated poles. The remainder of the trees will be grown to the full cycle to produce wood for our saw mill.