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Wegraakbosch Cheese Farm | iinfo Tzaneen, Haenertsburg

A great many of the happy visitors to our dairy and cheesery are astounded to find there are absolutely no electrical or mechanical devices used in our whole cheese-making process.  From the milking of the cows, to the long stirring of the curds in the huge copper cauldron over an open fire, it is all done by hand.

The fact that the deep-freeze and the lights run on solar energy is also a pleasant surprise to them, especially in this day and age when almost everyone is heavily dependant on energy from non-renewable resources. For more than twenty years only compost and manure have been  used in the cultivation of crops.  

There have been no fertilizers used on the lands and instead of herbicides all weeding is done by hand. Dairymen look at the lower milk yields of these cows but then accept that if they only graze on pastures without receiving concentrates then this is to be expected. Another concept that the surprised visitors are now more ready to accept is that mould is necessary for the cheese maturing process.  

At this stage of the tour the visitors are ready to question many of the preconceived ideas they have taken as irrefutable truths. When one tastes Wegraakbosch cheese you realise that it is not only the organic ingredients that are so wholesome but the principle, as well, that is embodied in these products.  Here is a beautiful farm paving the way for the future.