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Project Services | iinfo Tzaneen, Hoedspruit

Project Services is primarily a Construction Contractor. The Company offers a wide range of services, independent or on sub-contracting basis, including :

Steel Construction and Metal work : Sheds for Pack houses, Storage, Shopping Complex, Process Plant, Aircraft Hanger, Workshop, Factory, Laboratory, Cold storage, Cool rooms, Classroom, Carport, Verandas, Indoor Pools, Pump Houses, Stables, Plant Nurseries, Offices

Bulk gutters, Signage structures, Tank stands, Steel decks, Roof sheeting, Side cladding , Roll-up doors, Cat-ladders, Fire escapes, Stairs, Cable-rollers, Steel Palisade, Gates, Fencing, Security enclosures, Boom gates, Barrier rail, Bumper rail, Doors, Security gates, Fireplace smoke stack, Braaiers, Grillers, Smokers, Plate rolling, Plate bending, Tube rolling, Conveyors, Elevators, Goods hoist, Scrapers, Welding work, Spray painting
Balustrading, handrailing, stair railing, Stainless Steel balustrading, Walkways, Platforms

Process Engineering : Sorting, Washing, Drying, Conveying, Distribution, Cleaning, Sterilising, Analysing, Control, Separation Equipment, Shutes, Hoppers, Feeders

Pipe-Specials : Steel pipe-special fabrication – Spiggot sections, Puddle flange, Flanges, Y-piece, Sweep joints, Manifolds, Valves, Flow control and measurement, Reducers concentric & eccentric, Thread cutting, Powder coating, Epoxy coating, Flanged adaptors, Couplers, Gaskets, Seals, Pipe sections, Flanged pipes, Risers, Extended spindles

Water Purification and Sewer Treatment Equipment : Pumps, Valves, Filters, Filter beds, Nozzles, Pipes, Flow meters, Sluice gates, Sluice valves, Flexible connections, Spindles, Hand-wheels, Lime feeders, Mixers, Adjustable weirs, Aerators , Bio-filter distributors, Moving bridge clarifiers, Screw pumps, Augers, Package Sewer treatment plant, Vee-notch weirs, Scum baffles, Scum skimmers, Syphon pipes, Submersible pumps, Non-return valves, Inlet channel screens, Channel weirs, Manhole covers, Air pumps, Air mixers, Mixing pumps

Plant/Mechanical Maintenance and Installation work : Pack house Equipment installation, maintenance and repairs, Roof repairs and replacement, Dismantling and re-erection of structures and equipment, Crane work, Building maintenance, Fence and gate maintenance and repairs

Ventilation and Extraction systems : Industrial Kitchen Extractors, Ventilation fans, Air filters and air strainers, Duct ventilation systems, Roof top extractors, Ridge ventilators, Air filtration units, Air Pressurising systems, Evaporative Cooling systems, Mines Shaft top ventilation systems, HEPA filtration systems, Laboratory HVAC systems, Air diffusers, air grilles, air dampers