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A lady with a vision for delicious sweets created the first batch of decadent nougat and started the Coach House Nougat Company.

There was a surplus of Macadamia nuts on the farm where Guy and Jane Matthews started the old Coach House Hotel. The nuts were being used in pies, savoury dishes and ultimately nougat. Jane stirred the first pot in 1994 and ignited a hand-made nougat revolution in South Africa.

The company started distributing the fine product throughout South Africa and, as demand rose, they set up a factory (creating employment largely for women in the Limpopo province and specifically the surrounding rural areas), which has empowered local families ever since.
Many others jumped on the nougat bandwagon but no-one makes nougat quite like we do.
Over the years we have expanded our confectionery repertoire to include Macadamia nut brittle as well as seriously nutty brittle slabs and delicious shortbread biscuits with Macadamia nuts.

Coach House Confectionery is an irresistible blend of all things tempting and supremely delicious.  Allow our biscuits, brittle and nougat to delight you with both its flavour and its story.  We have mastered the art of combining silken honey and fresh nuts, and taken nature’s bounty and refined it, with love and dedication.

Did you know a bee must tap two million flowers to make 500 grams of honey, and Macadamias grow in grape-like clusters with each nut surrounded by an extremely hard shell. Nature is a wonderful thing, and between her honeybees and blossoming nut trees, we have been able to create an opulent treat, especially for you.  Enjoy this luxury alone, or with friends, if you can bear to share! And in a frivolous moment send a grateful thought to the bees and trees.

Factory Tours and Opening Hours
Tours offered at 10h00 and 14h00 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
Opening Hours for Factory Sales: Monday to Friday 08h00 - 16h00
Tuck in, you’ll be nuts if you don’t and nuts about us if you do!